Elmsleigh Shopping Centre – Staines Upon Thames


Chamberlain Consulting have enjoyed a long-term relationship with the shopping centre acting as Civil & Structural Engineering consultants for a wide range of projects at the centre, from major re-development work including the potential to extend the existing 1970’s concrete framed centre into the existing bus station along with re-development of the central mall. Projects at the centre range from small remedial works including new openings and expansion joints through to complete feasibility studies. The experience of delivering large construction projects around a working shopping centre would add value to the current contract and build on a strong working relationship with Colman Architects at the centre.


Treaty Shopping Centre – Hounslow


Chamberlain Consulting have acted on behalf of the centre for a number of years in delivering value added services to the shopping centre, supplying technical services to the landlords on a various range of small to large projects.


Eastgate Shopping Centre – Basildon


Working with the landlords we have provided a wide range of services including the potential to add additional units on top of the existing centre in a similar manner to the proposed scheme for this tender. All of our work is subject to ensuring that the structure remains safe for the public whilst allowing construction work to take place. Defining the best value approach to completing the works required has provided added value to our client.


City of London – Various Projects


We have a strong working relationship with the City of London and regularly undertake inspection and condition reporting for varied properties around the city, providing advice and delivering value added solutions to complex problems in heavily pedestrianised areas. A recent example has been the design of additional training rooms to be located within the towers of tower bridge, the new rooms had to be designed to fit within the existing structure with no long term effects on the structure.



Spelthorne Borough Council – Car Park Surveys & Remediation Works


Chamberlain Consulting have been actively involved in providing assistance on the safe operation, use and repair schedules for a number of 1970’s concrete framed car parks for the council. Undertaking detailed surveys and testing of the car parks along with providing repair specifications and cost plans for the next 25 years maintenance of the car parks.


Long Street – Student Accommodation


The project involved the addition of two new storeys on top of an existing 1960’s concrete framed warehouse building, along with relevant extensions and modifications to transform the site into modern student accommodation. Chamberlain Consulting were appointed to act as the clients advisors and review the ongoing works. The total project was valued at around £50m. The experience involved in checking the existing structure and remedial works required is of a similar nature to the project scope for this tender.


Lloyds Court Shopping Centre – Milton Keynes


Working with Colman Architects on various schemes for an existing 1970’s concrete framed shopping centre including partial demolition and new build to a more modest redevelopment scheme of the existing centre with new units and structural modifications, including checks for a new third storey. Project value approx. £5m.


London Borough of Tower Hamlets


PFI Schools Project: 

Chamberlain Consulting were appointed as part of the PFI team to complete works to 28 schools of an overall value of £38m. The works included extension, refurbishment and alteration of 26 schools and two major new build  Junior schools. With a design development period of just 12 months for all projects, a focused effort was required by the design team to complete coordinated designs for construction in a tight timescale. Since completion there has been continual upgrading and further extension works.

Within the project the  two major new build schools were valued at around £8m each. Both projects have piled foundations, with ground beams and suspended ground floors. Superstructures are structural steel frames with suspended  precast and insitu concrete floors, with lightweight structural steel deck roofs .

Two secondary schools within the project had major new sports facilities and Sports Hall extensions.  Construction varied with combinations of steel frames, load bearing masonry and laminated timber roof structures.



London Borough Tower Hamlets Schools:

Outside of the PFI schools we provide structural and civil engineering advice on a wide variety of schools projects direct for the borough through their building and Technical Services department. These projects vary in size dramatically from minor structural assessments to small new build extension works up to around £0.5m in value.


Corporation of London Schools:

We provide structural and civil engineering advice to the Corporation on a variety of school and public building projects direct for the city surveyors department. These projects vary in size dramatically from minor structural assessments to small alteration and extension works to around £0.5m in value.


Essex Schools:

Over a period of some 40 years we have provided advice to Essex schools providing structural and civil engineering advice on a wide variety project types. These projects vary in size dramatically from minor structural assessments to small new build extension and school works varying in value up to around £3m.

The Chamberlain Team